About Us

Themanchesterunited was founded by a group of fans of Manchester United from all over the world to better build up the connections between fans and the team. All the members of our team were enthusiasts of Manchester United and wanted to let everyone know about Manchester United no matter where they are. Our purpose was to create a place for all the Man. United fans where they can keep themselves informed of Manchester United’s latest news very closely and also interact with other fans.

Our Mission

We aim to bring all the up-to-the-minute Manchester United news coverage,scores and highlights to connect fans with their favorite team or players. You will be able to follow the team’s detailed progress minute by minute and see the team and player match and historical stats as well as the latest news.

We try to bring the energy and spirit from the Manchester United team to their fans around the globe. We deliver the striking and iconic moments that players make on the field to the world. There is always something happening in the world of soccer. From the joy of winning matches to the disappointment of losing games, from the world-class goals to the goosebump-giving moments, from the controversial events to the motivating stories, Themanchesterunited brings you everything here.