Manchester United’s Desire to Sign Neymar

Manchester United's Desire to Sign Neymar

Manchester United are actively pursuing Neymar! According to “Team Daily” and a number of British media, Manchester United has had a dialogue with Paris, and the two sides are discussing the issue of Neymar’s transaction. Casemiro was very enthusiastic as a lobbyist, trying to persuade Neymar to come to the Premier Leaque to fight alongside him, At the same time, the “Sun” revealed that Manchester United has decided to purge Martial this summer.

Paris is facing a huge earthquake this summer. Not surprisingly, Messi will leave the French capital.Today, Neymar is also very seriously considering leaving the team he has played for for 6 years. Next season, there is a high probability that Paris will completely build a team around Mbappé. In 2017. Neymar joined Paris with the highest transfer fee in football history of 220 million euros. With the rise of Mbappé, Neymar’s status in the Paris team has plummeted.

“Daily Mirror” stated that if Neymar wants to leave this summer, the Paris high-level will not block it.It is reported that many Premier League clubs are interested in Neymar, and Manchester United is currently the smoothest and most in-depth negotiation with Paris. The British media called this negotiation sensational, Just one more point would seal United’s place in next season’s Champions League, putting them in the lead in the race for Neymar. In contrast, Chelsea, which also intends to introduce Neymar, was out because of this.

There are currently three Brazilian players in Manchester United’s squad, namely Casemiro, Fred and Anthony. Casemiro (the captain of the Brazil team) has a good personal relationship with Neymar. He has been persuading Neymar to join Manchester United recently. He told Neymar a lot about the advantages of Manchester United. Under the leadership of Ten Hag, Manchester United is now striding forward on the road to revival.

“Team Daily” stated that Manchester United is inclined to rent Neymar, but Paris prefers that this is a permanent transfer, and they want to recover some transfer fees from Neymar. In due course, Parisian sporting adviser Campos will meet Neymar’s representatives to discuss the Brazilian’s future. This season, Neymar has only played 20 times in Ligue 1, scoring 13 goals and assisting 11 times, In Paris. Neymar averaged only 29 appearances per season, with frequent injuries limiting his talents.
After a season of running-in, Ten Hag is eager to make a difference next season, While planning to introduce strong support, he is also preparing to clean up some redundant players. “The Sun’emphasized that Ten Hag has lost patience with Martial, and he wants to sell the Frenchman this summer, and his plan has the support of Manchester United’s top management. Martial has only scored 8 goals in 27 appearances this season. Last weekend, Martial was replaced early in the league. He was very unhappy, and walked directly into the player channel with an unhappy face, without saying hello to Ten Hag.