Manchester United Logo


Manchester United is one of the most awarded and famous professional clubs in the UK and Europe. Established in 1878, it is also considered to be one of the oldest clubs on the continent. Manchester United was based on Newton Heath LYR Football Club in 1878, but changed its name to Manchester United in 1902. Manchester United is owned by the famous Glazer Family from the USA, since 2003. The Manchester United football club didn’t have many logos during its long history, but every logo has its story.

Manchester United Logo 1878-1902

The club’s original name “Newton Heath L&YR F.C.” and the years of its foundation “Established 1878” were reflected in its earliest logo. Also, the train is painted on the green and yellow shield because the club’s founder was the railway department of Manchester Newton Heath, and the players included railway workers.

Manchester United Logo 1902-1940s

When the club had its current name in 1902, a new emblem was introduced. Manchester United used the emblem of his hometown as a logo. It was pretty detailed and looked more like a medieval crest than an athletic logo. The main elements of the logo: a shield with three yellow stripes, a ship, a heraldic hoofed wolf with antlers of a moose, a lion, bees, a knight’s helmet, and the motto “Concilio Et Labore.”

Manchester United Logo 1958-1968

The chevrons were introduced in 1959, 1963, and 1968. All of them were rather intricate and featured the word “Wembley.”

Manchester United Logo 1960-1970

In the 1960s, inspired by the city emblem, the club introduced a new logo. At the center, there was a shield featuring a ship. Instead of the devil, three diagonal stripes appeared on the shield. Flowers are painted on both sides. They are white like York roses, although Manchester is in Lancashire County. The lines “Manchester United” and “Football Club” were placed above and below the shield, respectively.

Manchester United Logo 1970-1973

The emblem restores the version used until 1960. Three yellow lines intersect the lower part of the shield, as on the city emblem. Red and yellow tones dominate the design.

Manchester United Logo 1973-1998

In 1973, the structure of this emblem is pretty similar to that of the previous one, there are also several notable differences. The shield on the logo turned yellow. A red devil with a trident appeared on it again. The type was modified, as was the palette. The devil logo made a comeback in a slightly different palette. This time, the colors looked by far brighter.

Manchester United Logo 1998-Present

In 1998, the design team played with the shades and inverted the color of the ship and the background. Also, only two words were left: “Manchester United,” while the lettering “Football club” disappeared. An eye-catching color scheme and a red devil mascot symbolizing the “devilish” struggle for victory enhanced the visual impact.